We were hired to create a series of unique industrials for RJ Reynolds. The all-encompassing strategy was to present brand messaging with a new attitude that aligned for both internal and external audiences. Although the videos are diverse, the same cool attitude carries through each piece. The videos below were screened at trade shows and corporate meetings.

“BREAK FREE” An uber-cool, high-energy sizzle piece created to kick off a large RJ Reynolds sales meeting. This project was made up of a combination of actors photographed in a warehouse location /green screen studio and a fair amount of graphics work. Original music and sound design were also provided.

“MASTER OF SALES” A campy introduction to a web series of training videos featuring a quirky host named “The Master of Sales.” The actor was captured in a green screen studio, all environments were digitally created, and original music was produced to deliver the tongue-in-cheek feel the client was looking for.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY” A short video created to close a corporate sales meeting which celebrates Camel's birthday. A combination of live footage and graphics. After the shoot, we gave the cake to the roller derby team we rented the warehouse from - as it was the birthday of two team members!

“THE REAL COWBOY WAY” A comical piece where Camel takes a few shots at Marlboro, with a cowboy presenting his case that the camel is superior to the horse. All footage was captured on green screen with graphics added. A goofy, retro-western music track adds to the chuckles.